The service of many of these ladies, was recognised either in the award of the Royal Red Cross, or in the issue of the Queen’s South Africa Campaign Medal:

Royal Red Cross

Lady Beatrice Chesham, for service at the Imperial Yeomanry Hospital1

Lady Sarah Wilson, for service at Mafeking2

Queen’s South Africa Campaign Medal

Lady Beatrice Chesham3

Miss Gertrude Geld & Mrs Beatrice Elizabeth Guillemard “These two ladies residents of Aliwal North, Cape Colony organised a hospital on March 11, 1900 and nursed the wounded as well as provided soups, jellie etc for them for some three weeks until Hospital Orderlies arrived. This ultimately became a large hospital and was used for a great number of Imperial and Colonial troops”4.

Lady Sophie Catherine Gifford5

Mrs Hyslop & Mrs Speed “Medal specially granted for their services in connection with Hospital work in Northern Natal”6.

Mrs Jane Darling Leather-Cully “Mrs Culley in Cape Colony. Taking hospital stores to Wynberg Base Hospital August 1900 – O.R.C. Working in hospital Ladybrand During siege (see testimonials) taking hospital things Ficksbug”7.

Miss Eliza Mills “Miss Mills asisting Mrs Culley in Cape Colony. O.R.C. working in hospital Ladybrand during siege – and afterwards returning in charge of medical stores from Bloemfontein to Ladybrand”8.

Lady Maud Mary O’Hagan “Lady O’Hagan with the approval of Lord Roberts and of Surgeon Gen Wilson, established a cottage hospital, equipped and maintained at her own expese, at Naaupoort, Cape Colony, from 25th July, 1900 until June 1902, and, ably assisted by Miss Thomas rendered most valuable services in receiving and caring for sick and wounded officers. Her hospital was at first the only accommodation for officers.It was under the medical superintendence of the OC No.6 Gen Hosp who appointed Lady O’Hagan ‘Lady Superintendent’”9.

Lady Sarah Wilson10