Mary Lyneham Tanyer BABB

Mary Lyneham Tanyer BABB was born in Dittisham, Totnes, Devon on August 19th, 1863. She trained at St Thomas’ Hospital, London before enlisting in Princess Christian’s Army Nursing Service (Reserve) on April 22nd, 1897. She was given the service number 72. She left for South Africa on the German from Southampton on October 28th, 1899. During the Boer War she served […]

The Army Nursing Service

Sister Jane Gray an example of a nurse in the ANS who served before and during the Boer War… Although my research shows that few of the nurses that served in the Boer War had any military experience, there were some who had experience of military nursing in Africa s well as other parts of […]

Sister Mabel Jesson CHATFIELD

This lady is an example of a nurse who trained in South Africa and served as a military nurse during the Boer War. Extracts from her diaries were published in the South Africa Nursing Journal (Nursing RSA Verpleging) in 1991: Mabel Jesson Chatfield was born in Quaggerfontein in the Bloemfontein district of South Africa, on […]

Letter from Sister Kate Luard

I have been having lots of email exchanges with members of Kate Luard’s family. Kate is well known for her books about her Great War service but less is known about her service in South Africa. There is a pile of her letters in the Chelmsford record Office which I will try and get to. […]

In the words of Nurse Kate Driver

“For in retrospect upon all three sad wars I know that the individual human being suffers his lonely agony whether the weapon that harms him is bayonet, howitzer, sten-gun or atom bomb. Sickness and starvation scourge him as cruelly in little wars as in big wars. The sharp anxiety of those who wait for news […]

Women of South Africa

I have been scouring the pages of this fascinating book for entries that belong to Boer War nurses. This book – full title is: Women of South Africa: A Historical, Educational & Industrial Encyclopaedia and Social directory of the Women of the Sub-Continent – was published in 1913. It lists all of the prominent women […]

Memorials to Nurses

I recently came across the webpage from St. John’s & Emmanuel Churches for Clara Evans, one of the nurses who died in the Boer War. St. Johns Church installed three stained glass windows which can still be seen in the Reception area today. The first window depicts a South African battlefield with a view of Bloemfontein in […]

Horse Soup anyone?

In light of the horse meat scandal faced by the UK, I decided I would review the diets of the nurses who served in South Africa during the Boer War. After watching family members throwing out several frozen lasagnes in case they did indeed contain horse meat I wondered what the nurses across the veldt […]

Nurses who died during the Boer War

It seems fitting to be writing the part of my PhD that deals with the nurses who died, today on Remembrance Sunday. Many of the nurses appear on plaques and memorials, or even stained glass windows where they are remembered, others may be remembered by their families but probably not by the body of military […]

Sister Florence Nightingale SHORE

Sister Florence Nightingale SHORE

When I came across this lady’s name on my list of the Princess Christian’s Army Nursing Service (Reserve) I did have a little chuckle. I thought that she was clearly destined to be a military nurse. Having now linked her to the records on the Census I am left a little red-faced: Florence Nightingale SHORE […]